Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Little Rocks

My father in law and I have something in common beside my wife and child.

We’re both fascinated with the bizarre.

We were in my backyard the other day looking at a rather large and unsightly pile of rocks that we are soon to be removing.

We were talking about how it seems that the big rocks in a pile always work their way to the top.

It doesn’t matter how you pile the rocks it seems as if the big ones always end up on top.

My father in law said he watched a documentary where a group of researchers studied the way rocks move and they arrived at a conclusion concerning the seeming ascent the big rocks make.

The conclusion they arrived at was that the big rocks do not move at all.

That’s right, the big rocks say right where they are.

Apparently it’s the little rocks that eventually shuffle their way to the bottom.