Friday, February 2, 2007


Even at the age of two, Tim insisted he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

So when puberty began to approach at the age of 12, he convinced his parents that something had to be done.

With their agreement, he became the youngest sex-change patient in the world, receiving hormone injections which arrested his male development.

Now, at 14, Tim has become Kim – a blue-eyed blonde with a growing bust line who is allowed to wear make-up on the weekends. She has no boyfriends at present but her parents say she is interested in what, now, is the opposite sex.

Her treatment, which has cost £18,000 ($40,000) so far, is being funded by the German taxpayer.

Psychiatrists treating her say she was an “exceptional case – a person clearly in the wrong body”, even though the decision to grant her wishes when she was so young is still the subject of intense debate.

Her identity and medical insurance cards have been changed to her new name and sex but she has not been placed at a different school in case of taunting from children who knew her as him in days gone by. According to her parents, “her friends fully accept her as she is”.

The family’s full identity has not been made public but Kim’s father, known as Lutz P, told Stern that as a child, Tim liked to play with Barbie dolls, enjoyed wearing dresses and, from the age of two, insisted that he was a girl.

Dr. Bern Meyenburg, the head of a clinic for children and adolescents with identity disturbances at Frankfurt University, concluded that the child was serious.

He wrote in his diagnosis: “Kim is a mentally well-developed child who appears happy and balanced. There is no doubt of the determined wish, which was already detectable since early childhood. It would have been very wrong to let Kim grow up to be a man.”

The sex change will not become complete for another four years because while German law does not forbid hormone treatment for minors, they must be 18 before gender-transforming surgery can be carried out.

Dr. Achim Wuesthof, who is treating Kim at a clinic in Hamburg, said, “To the best of my knowledge, Kim is the youngest sex-change patient in the world.” (
The Daily Mail UK)

Incredible. Absolutely Incredible.

I wonder if “Kim’s” parents would be quite so accommodating if she wanted to play in traffic? Would they allow her to skip bathing for weeks on end because she didn’t want to? Would they let her refuse to eat, drink or sleep? Do they feel obeying the law is important? Should she be able to drink, smoke and engage in sexual activity simply because she wants to?

It wasn’t that long ago they were picking out his clothes, tying his shoes and feeding him themselves yet they believe that at 12 years old he is old enough and, more importantly, mature enough to make a decision as vast as his gender!?

When he was 2, according to his father, he already knew he was a girl.

I have a 2 year old daughter. She thinks she’s Dora The Explorer.

Children do not need accommodating, compliant adults raising them. They need parents.

Parents are to provide, guide and care for the needs of their children. Children need the maturity and experience of their parents to direct them into wise and safe decisions.

A spineless, obliging parent is nothing but a detriment to the healthy development and well being of a child.

The parents of this child are not noble for the actions they have taken; they are reckless.

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Wow great writing. I didnt know you learned so much. This is so true.
I didnt know you had so much inside you.. Good job AJ